Madame launches limited edition collection

Madame launches a limited edition collection – ‘Sharp Geometry’ that puts emphasis on younger, relaxed and more affordable pieces.

The collection takes inspiration from Geometric Shapes. Evolving away from the classic sophistication of its present designs, the new collection embraces the bold geometry in the pattern and silhouettes that are assembled in contrast to one another in subtle yet eccentric ways.

With this collection, Madame wishes to focus on the fun side of its elegant clientele. Each piece in this collection exudes flamboyant energy. And hence is perfect for the woman who is not afraid to experiment with her personal style. 

This time, the brand has really explored with the graphics, the cuts to give this collection an edge while keeping the color combinations classic, staying true to our label's design sensibilities. 

Besides apparels, the store is filled with embroidered handbags and foot wears which has become shoppers delight. New line of accessories has also been added to provide the customer with a complete wardrobe solution. Now you know where you should be laying down your cash this season.

About Madame-

Madame was established in the year 1993 and since then it has been serving all the fashion requirements of its young fashion spirits. It aims to unite all pretty ladies who love MADAME for its style and sensuality.

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