6 Ways to Create an Entryway When There Isn`t One

Wondered what’s the first impression your guests make of your home, as you open the door and let them in? Are they greeted by an abrupt highback placed inside the living room, a large dining area or a daunting staircase? Believe it or not, an entrance can set a positive tone for the overall look feel of your home; it can also have many practical benefits (a place to change shoes, keep umbrellas, shopping bags, wheelchairs and so on). So, what do you do when your front door leads straight into the house with no entryway to speak of? Well, you get creative and make one yourself. Here are some ideas from which to take inspiration.

1. A mirror creates space
A mirror gives the illusion of extended space and makes a room seem bigger. When there isn’t a proper entrance to a home, consider placing a large mirror (or more) a little ahead of the door – it’ll give the perception of an extended space or an entryway that leads up to the living room. Plus, having a mirror close to the main door is great for hair and makeup checks before walking out of the house or upon entering.

2. A console is ideal…
Hijack the corner next to your door with a furniture piece – a console like in this image with drawers (for keys, pen and paper), topped by vases and flowers will do the job well. This console acts as a functional area by the door; almost like a tiny reception desk.

…Or open shelves
You could choose to install open storage shelves, too, on the wall next to the door, for guests to hang their umbrellas and handbags, place their keys or shopping bags, thereby creating an entrance when there is no hallway.

3. Why not add a seat?
Consider placing a chair or a bench opposite the front door. This will encourage guests to take a seat to take off their shoes or catch their breath, using it as a makeshift entrance. You could even place a smart shoe rack here. Popping it next to your front door will ensure outdoor shoes have somewhere neat and organised to go to.

4. Art always wins
Create a dramatic and tasteful entrance by putting an artwork by the entrance. It creates a space to pause, if not in actuality, then at least in the mind.

5. Curtains are fantastic

As one enters through the front door, the area before the curtains looks like a short entrance – the way inside the home is through the theatrical looped-back curtains.

6. Sofa placement
A rather subtle and unconventional way to create the illusion of an entrance is by placing a sofa along the length of a long room, with its back towards the front door. It acts as a divider, clearly marking the living area. As you enter the home, the sofa loosely creates the feeling of an entry hall, so you don’t feel as if you’re walking right into the middle of the house. A console, too, can take position here instead of a sofa and can be accessorised with plants or a fetching table lamp.

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