How to Boost Natural Light in Your Home

There is nothing like natural light to add life and positivity to a home. While you’ll need to talk to an architect about lots of the ways you can do this, there’s nothing like a designer’s eye view to inspire ideas about the possibilities for your home. From planning a new extension to renovating your property, here are some top ideas for making sure your home grabs as much outside light as possible.

Lighten up a basement room
Basement rooms are in danger of seeming dark and dingy, but don’t let a lack of windows spoil the atmosphere. 

Install a light well
Stairs can be notoriously dark areas of the house, unless you’re lucky enough to have a large window. One way to combat this is to install a glass roof light. This adds height and drama to the stairway, and brings daylight down through the house.

Experiment with glass
Another way to brighten up a stairway is to install glass balustrades. Toughened glass screening creates a bright, spacious, modern look and allows natural light to penetrate all areas of the landing and rooms below.

Make the most of extensions
If you have the opportunity to extend your home to bring in more space to a kitchen or dining spaces, then give a thought to a large roof light. Large, seamless windows in the roof have a huge architectural impact, but if you’re on a tight budget, a series of Velux-type windows make a great alternative.

Choose a wall that’s not solid
You don’t have to block out light when creating room divides. Crittall-style glass walls are a fantastic way of dividing a room while still letting the light through.

You can also use glass blocks as a dividing wall, which won’t let as much light through but will create more privacy. For bedrooms, consider the hi-tech option of switchable glass, which changes from opaque to translucent at the flick of a switch.

Open up to the elements
Large windows and doors that can open up to the sky or garden are a great way to let in daylight and, on warmer days, fresh air, too. 

Add light-reflective materials
Think about the materials you use in your home and opt for ones that help reflect the light. Bright white walls and pale neutrals will bounce back daylight and enhance the calm, spacious feel a well-lit room provides.

Go mad with mirrors
Mirrors are a great way to create a feeling of more space and light. Don’t just use them in the bathroom, but include the odd decorative one here and there throughout your home.

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