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Most homeowners living in compact apartments want to somehow increase the limited space available. Sometimes there is some leeway to structurally change things within an apartment and sometimes there isn’t. How, then, can one access more space in a home with small square footage? One solution is to reclaim balcony space. By using certain tricks and clever ideas, this outdoor area can be made a part of the interiors. Interested? Read on.

1. Install outdoor blinds
If one’s building society laws permit, one way is to enclose the entire balcony with outdoor blinds; PVC blinds, wooden or faux wood Venetian blinds, louvred shutters or transparent monsoon blinds made of thick sheets of plastic can be usedMost of these blinds are sturdy and long-lasting against a variety of weather conditions (winter, rain or hail). They come in an array of finishes to suit different tastes.

2. Consider motorised blinds
Unlike regular blinds that blow and move around with the wind, motorised blinds are secured to a frame leaving no gap between the fabric and channel. This means air-conditioning doesn’t escape and dust, rain and mosquitoes can’t get in. These blinds are made of robust materials such as steel, aluminium or PVC mesh fabric. Since they can be controlled with the touch of a button, the blinds can be easily opened and closed, as per convenience. The motorised blinds help cover the balcony completely and allow the outdoor area to look like a part of the interior space.

3. Opt for sliding or folding doors
One way to completely open up the balcony to the interiors is by choosing the right doors. A sliding pocket door is one that fits inside the wall when pushed back. It disappears from view when not in use and offers unrestricted connectivity between the indoors and outdoors. Simple sliding doors, like the ones here, do just as well. Similarly, accordion doors are suspended from an overhead track and completely fold back when open.

4. Have inside-outside flooring
For the perfect inside-outside space, consider continuing the same flooring into the balcony. Visually, this will make the outdoor space seem like a part of the interiors.

5. Extend the seating
Plan the seating layout of your living room in such a way that the balcony seating looks like an extension of the indoors. Open up the doors and use the same colour scheme and furniture outdoors so that the living room and balcony look like one expansive socialising area.

6. Add an awning
If it’s not a permanent enclosure you’re looking for (such as grilles or screens), you could even consider retractable awnings. These will provide the necessary covering or roofing for the balcony, making it look like an extension of the room. When not in use, it can be retracted and folded away.

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