Reise All Day Bar

Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen is a travel inspired bar and kitchen based in the basement of the Oriental Aster hotel in Chakala, Andheri. Its mere existence depends upon one accidently spotting the place while moving through the Chakala bylanes or using the Google maps to find the place. Either way the place offers fairly decent experience to the customers with their delectable cuisines and beverage options. 

The restaurant is owned by Mr. Akshat Shetty, who is the operating Director of Oriental Aster Hotel and an avid traveller who knows the intricacies of the world. On the other hand, there’s Mr. Nishant Desai who is the interior designer of the venue and is the artist behind the spectacular interiors of Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen. He has been born and brought up in a design family and is a dedicated design professional. His achievements are known all over India and abroad for premier interior projects, its design and execution. The motivation is basically derived by travelling and experiences that he has encountered by knowing different people, cultures and places.

Being possessed with an eye for perfection and attention to details he has shaped this basement into a traveller's abode. With seating options available in dark wood furnishings; brown colored floors and black ceiling the place just breathes of warmth and countryside feel. The makers of this place have been to many countries and have gathered little pieces from around the world which symbolises it. They have also build a wall to specially showcase the artwork from the Big Ben to the leaning tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal. It has different clocks placed right over the bar which shows timings of different places namely Tokyo, New York, London and Mumbai and behind them is another small vintage clock.

This vintage look and the gypsy feel makes it a unique bar in the suburbs. The theme of the restaurant is designed with regards to the chameleon concept meaning they change the theme of the space through the day and with their colourful chairs and certain elements present alongside the dark wood furnishing everything just complements each other. The walls have shelves which consists of old books, small black bull, old compass, a tote bag, boat, vintage telescope, old camera, fragmented frames of traveller’s memories, antiques and souvenirs. It also has printed wallpapers, stamps, atlas and clocks imprinted on the tables. The dining area has floor lamps in the corner which brightly lights up the corners. The interior of the restaurant precisely reflects the tastes of travel, food and everything in between with a mix & match of objects and accessories from around the world. Each object has its own story to be told, its history and personality which perfectly mingles with the theme of the restaurant. 

As soon as one enters Reise one can see a vintage world map right in front of them. A few steps more and there’s a section on the right hand side which has been designed to be used as a multifunctional space. And, on the other hand the left hand side section provides a space for casual dining, dedicated space for the DJ, and a cubical bar space illuminated with various glasses hanging upside down and graffiti on it having sphinx, big hot air balloon, an aeroplane, pyramid and many other elements on it.

At Reise – All Day Bar & Kitchen the idea is to create an environment wherein everyone can recreate their travel expeditions and share their experiences with each other. They are able to embody the spirit of the traveler and reflect the same in their interiors. It is a hidden gem in the basement offering a co-working space and a leisure environment for all those who are looking for it.

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