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Mumbai, August 2019:


In our society, beauty is defined by a set of rules that describes our physical attributes such as hair, eye colour, skin colour and the human figure. This cookie-cutter stereotype of what looks good and what doesn’t is imprinted in our minds since early childhood and passed on in casual conversations, via the media, and in literature and cinema.


The truth is, the human form does not fit one single body type, and conventional typecasting of beauty breeds insecurities in the minds of a growing child. Sadly, this kind of social conditioning is powerful and difficult to change.


These insecurities, in turn, discourage well-informed and well-educated adults from embracing their inner attributes, wholly and completely, and dissuade them from being the best version of themselves!


Hetal Kotak, CEO of aLL – The Plus Size Store believes that style has no size, and people should embrace their curves. Body positivity is more than just accepting your body. It is about loving yourself, believing in yourself and not letting your size be the deciding factor for the decisions you make. aLL- The Plus Size Store encouragespeople to #FlauntaLLcurves, and with this campaign, it wants to open a dialogue on long-standing, facetious beauty standards.


Since people believe ‘we are what we wear’, apparel usually reinforces damaging social labels for plus-size individuals in India. In other words, the monotonous and unimaginative options for plus-size people in the market – dark colours, baggy, ill-fitting silhouettes – have been demeaning the plus-size individual and holding them back.


That is when aLL - The Plus Size fashion brand broke into the fashion retail space with clothes for plus-size individuals.


Among its efforts to spread awareness of plus-size fashion in India is its collaboration with the biggest and most prominent fashion week in India – Lakme Fashion Week. With a plus-size show at a prestigious fashion week like LFW, aLL is changing the norm of fashion weeks, where the audience is used to watching skinny models strut down the ramp, by using plus-size, regular people with regular day jobs as their muse and models!


This symbolizes inclusivity and will hopefully alter the perception of the audience and encourage them to regard the plus-size model/ customer like any other. By showcasing plus-size fashion designed by well-known Indian designers, aLL Primero collections have become a dominant force in gaining acceptance for plus-size couture and high-fashion garments.


With #FlauntaLLcurves, the plus-size fashion brand is not just opening a platform for discussion, but also giving its customers a chance to walk the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week! Registrations are open now on Instagram and Facebook!






About aLL- The Plus Size Store:

aLL – The Plus Size Store believes that fashion is gender- and size-agnostic. Ever since it launched in 2005, the label has been giving plus-size women a chance to flaunt it with confidence, sans inhibitions. aLL is a one-stop destination for plus-size fashion in India and it offers the latest trends with new cuts, styles, and silhouettes so that its customers always feel fashion-forward. It is the largest plus-size fashion retail brand in the country, with a pan-India network of 79 exclusive brand stores and its online store – and mobile app.

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