Introducing Summer Somewhere`s New Footwear Line

I am thrilled to share some exciting news from Summer Somewhere! They are launching their new footwear line, designed to perfectly complement your vacation wardrobe and enhance your travel style.
Below is a brief note on the launch:
The footwear collection embodies the same ethos of effortless and timeless styles with a focus on long-lasting quality that defines Summer Somewhere. The collection includes 3 classic summer-ready sandals that seamlessly blend with our garments, each pair of shoes is crafted to elevate your travel wardrobe.
Our new footwear line is a natural extension of our commitment to providing versatile, on-trend pieces that make packing for your next vacation a breeze. From beaches to bars, our shoes are designed to take you everywhere in comfort and style.
Please find attached images of the styles available at Summer Somewhere starting at ₹3990. You can check them out at
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