Hafele’s J34MCST Combi Microwave Steam Oven


When it comes to a healthy diet, steam cooked food is your best choice. Steam cooking
preserves the nutrients, moisture, texture and the natural flavours of the food, and when
combined with other cooking methods, gives you meals that are both healthy and delicious,
and gets prepared in less time.
Combining the power of steam with convection oven, microwave and grill, Häfele’s state-of-
the-art combi microwave steam oven, the J34MCST, opens up the doors to cooking a variety
of delicacies that are flavourful and healthy. This combi oven allows you to cook faster than
the traditional cooking methods, uses less oil and preserves the nutrients and moisture in
the food. The various combi modes along with preprogrammed menus allow you to cook
anything from vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood to rice, pasta and pastries,
conveniently and quickly. With its versatility, efficiency and ability to help you create tasty,
nutritious meals for your family, this built-in combi microwave steam oven is a great
investment for any home, particularly those with limited kitchen space.
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About Hafele India
Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hafele Global network, Häfele India has
been operating in India since 2003. An authority in the field of architectural hardware,
furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories, the company also has a strong
presence in synergized product categories like Home Appliances, Interior and
Furniture Lighting, Sanitary Solutions, and Surfaces positioning itself as a complete
solution provider for interior solutions in India and South Asia.
Hafele India has a strong nation-wide presence through its offices and design
showrooms spread across the country. The showrooms function as a one-stop-shop
for all home interior and improvement needs - from providing in-depth technical
advice to kitchen and wardrobe designing services through a team of experts.


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