Hafele`s NOIL Air Fryer


Hafele's NOIL Air Fryer provides a healthier alternative to cooking food – now fulfil your
deep-fried food cravings without any guilt! As the name suggests, this air fryer prepares
food with little to NO-OIL.
This NOIL air fryer comes with 8 pre-set programmed recipes that can be activated with a
simple touch. These pre-sets enable you to swiftly select your desired programme without
spending additional time in making numerous selections. If, however, you wish to explore
your own culinary innovations, our air fryer also allows you the flexibility to customise its
time and temperature to best suit your personalised recipes. The smart Rapid Air
Technology intuitively adjusts the temperature so that the food cooked is crisp on the
outside and tender on the inside all while using 90% less fat. To make sure that your food
does not remain undercooked, the air fryer comes integrated with an aerodynamically
designed fry basket that ensures even cooking and a shake reminder that reminds you to
give the basket a periodic shake to achieve the best frying results.
What’s more, with this air fryer you can bake, grill, roast, and even reheat food as per your
preference. With an attractive design, high frying capacity of 5L – enough to fit a family of 4,
and easy-to-clean non-stick fry basket, NOIL guarantees a reimagined cooking experience:
one where taste equals health.
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About Hafele India
Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hafele Global network, Häfele India has
been operating in India since 2003. An authority in the field of architectural hardware,
furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories, the company also has a strong
presence in synergized product categories like Home Appliances, Interior and
Furniture Lighting, Sanitary Solutions, and Surfaces positioning itself as a complete
solution provider for interior solutions in India and South Asia.
Hafele India has a strong nation-wide presence through its offices and design
showrooms spread across the country. The showrooms function as a one-stop-shop
for all home interior and improvement needs - from providing in-depth technical
advice to kitchen and wardrobe designing services through a team of experts.


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