3 Easy Ways to Have a Five Star Home

Ah! The joys of a nice hotel – the fresh-smelling rooms, plush furniture, soft-as-silk bedsheets, fluffy pillows, bouncy beds, smart bathrooms, the perfumed toiletries and the 24-hour-room service … don’t you just love the laid-back luxury hotels offer? One of the most fun things about travelling out of the city is the opportunity to get a taste of the high life offered by hotels. The good thing is that by making certain changes and adding a few extras to the home, the magnificence of a hotel can be experienced at home too. Intrigued? Here are some ways to give your home a five-star quality.


  1. Create an eye-catching living room

  2. The best bit for me about five-star hotels is their plush seating. Bring similar comfort and luxury into your living room with the choicest furniture pieces like a statement Chesterfield sofa, wingback chair, modular sofas and tufted ottomans. Like in hotels, bring in a little bling by opting for pieces that have intricate detailing on the backrests or have hints of gold or silver work on them. Sprinkle chairs, side tables and coffee tables (solid wood, marble or gilded quartz) around to make the room seem like a welcoming place that can accommodate a lot of guests. A solid-wood centre table and console look elegant too.


  • While choosing lights, think of silver or gold floor lamps, vintage-styled candelabras, wall sconces and designer pendants that will inject plenty of glamour. And if you can afford it, bring a large, opulent chandelier to seal the deal.


  • While choosing the right lighting and furniture is important, don’t forget the furnishings. Choose curtains, draperies, sofa upholstery and blinds that can give the home a five-star-like appeal. Consider silks, damasks, velvet and satin that have a glossy finish to them and can make a room shine. For carpets, think of wool, fur or viscose carpets that are soft underfoot. Persian or sisal carpets can also up the ante of any interior.


  • Have you noticed the soft, soothing shades used in hotels – not too abrasive or loud, they immediately set a calming mood. Soft hues help conjure up a leisurely ambience. From light blue, beige, subtle bronze on the walls or ceiling to even gold tinsel paint, let the colours set a smart yet cosy, relaxing tone. Apart from colours, a patterned wallpaper too could be a good option. Think of classic damask, nature-inspired prints or dainty traditional motifs to fill up the room with character and beauty. Opt for smart metallics to lend a glittering touch to your living room.


  1. Prep a high-quality bedroom

The look and feel of the bedroom is the most important feature in a hotel – a luxurious, welcoming, comfortable and elegant space ensures a happy customer. Envision your bedroom as a haven of peace too.


  • To make it an ideal sanctum for a restful night’s sleep, add a supportive topper mattress to make the bed super comfortable. Then layer it with plump pillows, soft cotton sheets and a comforter. You could even opt for allergen-free duvets that promise sweet vacation-quality slumber. Finally, cover the entire bed with an embroidered or beautifully printed bed cover. You could add some multi-hued cushions on top, too.


  • The comfort of the bed can be further enhanced with an inviting backdrop – the headboard. It gives more embellishment to a bed area and makes it look grand, just the way it’s done in hotels. Remember, the larger the headboard, the bigger the area of the bed seems. Be it a wall-to-wall tufted design, a velvet, suede or carved wooden one, choose an option that gives the best support to your head while making you feel like royalty.


Furniture and storage

Most hotel rooms have sleek side tables on either side of the bed – these usually have a writing pad, a bedside lamp or a beautiful flower arrangement placed there. If the area around your bed has some extra space, consider adding a side table and a writing desk here, with a comfortable chair. If you have a television in the room, you could hide it inside a beautiful armoire or cabinet. This cabinet could also hold a small bar for a private treat.


  • May we suggest a mirror-finished wardrobe with a sliding door, a teakwood one or a design with glass panels that impart a sleek look to the wardrobe and depth to the room? You could even install a pull-out ironing table on one of the cabinet doors, just like in most hotels. My favourite is the automatic lights that come on in the wardrobe when it is opened. Go for it.


  1. Design a spa-like bathroom

Hotel bathrooms always look so clean and crisp; it’s like a serene place you almost want to leave untouched. If you have the luxury of a bathtub, then consider installing a designer bath tray and fill it up with essential oils, bubble bath, soaps and sea salts. Bring in a soft, fluffy foot carpet. For the shower, stack the shower with your favourite toiletries – shower gels, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, scrubs and body mist. Consider white or light coloured shower curtains as seen in hotels and don’t forget to choose soft, skid-resistant bathroom mats (think memory foam or tufted cotton rugs).

Install smart storage options (built-in cupboards, open vertical cabinets) to make the bathroom less cluttered. Remember, the less things you keep outside on display, the more chic your space will look. Install a green plant to add a tropical feel. A chandelier can definitely make a statement here.


Bath accessories

For a true five-star experience, go for towels that are soft as puffy clouds with a thread count of 600-900 GSM (grams per square metre) and bathrobes made of cotton, chenille or even satin. On the vanity, have rolled-up hand towels, scented hand wash and creams, all displayed on a tray. Toiletries can also be kept in cane baskets or in jute bags, just like in the hotels. A bowl of fresh flowers or scented candles will ensure that this space always smells nice and fresh.

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