10 Ways to Make Your Home Vastu Friendly

Vastu Shastra is not new to India, but making changes in an already existing home, one which requires reinvestment of time and money is. Not many of us know that vastu is not only about the structure of the house but also about the influx of positive energy, and vibes of tranquility and peace. If you are keen to make your home vastu friendly but can’t even think of remodeling or a renovation, here are some quick DIY ways that are believed to usher in those happy energies.

A fundamental and key element that has held great importance since the beginning of time is fire. It is a natural cleanser and helps kill the negativity around. Light earthen lamps. Also choose a fragrance you love and light agarbatti (incense) twice a day. The smoke is believed to restrict bad energy and spirits from entering the house, whereas the fragrance symbolises the presence of a deity in the house. Make sure to pick natural scents like camphor, sandalwood, kasturi manjal and jasmine. 

Hang a name plate

Though common practice in our households, hang a name plate if you haven’t done so already. According to vastu, putting your name outside your house, helps opportunities and positive energy find your address easily. In our homes, guests are given utmost respect and welcome. This theory applies here since it is believed in vastu that happiness can land up at your doorstep at any time and in any form.

Keep it clean

We should not need a reason to keep our homes clean at all times but if you’re not doing it, make sure to keep windows and doors of your house dust free. Open them whenever possible as positive vibes of financial flow can get obstructed otherwise. Dirt or closed doors can stop the energy from entering, and block the negativity from getting out.

Get an aquarium

If you’ve been thinking of getting a pet, this would be the time. Buy fish and place the aquarium north or east of your living room. Water in a fish tank represents life, and moving water (by a pump in this case) denotes liveliness and positivity. Observing the fish will also calm the mind. If an aquarium seems much, go for a small fish tank or even a nice-sized fish bowl would do.

Put lemon water in a jar

Pour half a glass of lemon water and place it in your living area. Remember to change it every Saturday. Lemon adds a cooling effect to the air and is another way of killing the negative energy around your home. It is believed to have influence in reducing disagreements among family members and also in calming the mind.

Show off some salt

Salt serves the same purpose. If you do not want to place water as there could be the risk of spillage in the living area, especially if you have children or pets in the house, you can also put a pinch of salt in a small bowl and place it in any corner of your home.

Don’t store medicines in the kitchen

If you are storing medicines in your kitchen area, remove them immediately. The kitchen zone stands for good health and medicines indicate otherwise. Medicines in the kitchen space are said to initiate health problems, especially related to food, such as diabetes, heart diseases and weight gain.

No mirrors in bedrooms

According to vastu, mirrors absorb positive energy and repel negative energy if not used in a vastu compliant way. If not, they lead to family conflicts and disagreements. It is suggested not to have a mirror in the bedroom, especially if it reflects any part of your body while you are resting. It is believed that the body part can develop health issues because of it. However, if you do have a mirror in this space, cover it with a sheet before going to bed every night.

Hang bells at your doorstep

Metal bells outside your house are believed to bring in happiness and peace. They are also believed to break the pessimism of the residents and relax them. Bells bring in music, which unwinds the mind and soothes it.

Grow a tulsi plant

Apart from keeping the air fresh and brightening your space, tulsi is also the most auspicious plant according to vastu. Plant it in the front or back of your house. Pine, bamboo and peach are also symbolic of good fortune. They cleanse the air and constantly work towards bringing positive energy inside your home.

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