Can Hiring an Interior Designer Save You Money?

We have access to beautiful home decor images on the internet, so many homeowners feel that they do not require an interior designer for renovating their home as it will result in additional costs. However, hiring an designer is a clever investment, as they not only help you to design a beautiful and highly functional home but also help you to save money. In this article, we provide key insights on how a professional can reduce the overall cost of the project.


  1. Create a well-designed space


  • With space at a premium, interior designers know how to optimise space and ensure maximum utilisation of the limited square footage of space.
  • They have a cohesive vision with which they can creatively combine functionality with decorative design elements and create an aesthetically pleasing space.
  • Additionally, they have a lot of experience and are trained to see the bigger picture, which homeowners often miss. They know how to keep future requirements in mind so that the home is highly functional for a longer period of time. For example, a toddler’s bedroom can be cleverly designed so that it can transform into a teenager’s bedroom with minimal changes.


  1. Prevent costly mistakes


  • You, the homeowner, can use the experience of the interior designer to take wise design decisions on site. This will help you avoid making costly design mistakes, as rectifications result in extra expenses.
  • They provide detailed working drawings for the carpentry, electrical layout, plumbing layout, tiling and so on. This will reduce mistakes on site and ensure smooth execution of the work.
  • They supervise the site at periodic intervals to solve problems and gets the mistakes rectified at the initial stage. They keep a constant check on the workmanship to ensure good quality control.
  • They will give you the exact measurements for different parts of the home so that you can order the correct size of furniture. This will help you get things right from the start.


  1. Save time


  • Since time is money, a lot of time is saved when you appoint an interior designer. Instead of you, it is the designer who coordinates with the vendors and contractors, depending on their scope of work as per the agreement.
  • You do not have to spend time researching on new materials and designs, as the they will do it. Additionally, interior designers spend a lot of time in furnishing the drawings, deciding the finishes, the colour scheme, furniture layout, tiles and so on.
  • They release all the working drawings on time so that the contractor can deliver the project on time.


  1. Help in sourcing materials



  • Most interior designers can introduce you to a network of vendors who are guaranteed to deliver good-quality materials or furniture at the correct price.


Tip: Before starting the project, the interior designer and the client should agree on the consultation fees, the budget of the project and payment schedule to prevent future conflicts at a later stage



  1. Prevent overspending


  • An interior designer will help you allocate your funds wisely so that you only spend in areas where it is necessary. This kind of approach keeps the budget under control and reduces extra spending.
  • Also, they know how to repurpose old furniture and give it a new look so that you can make best use of the existing furniture instead of investing in new furniture.



How much do interior designers charge?

There are multiple ways in which an interior designer can charge their consultation fees

  • The consultation fee could include a fixed percentage of the exact cost of the project which usually ranges from 5 to 15 per cent.
  • They can charge a consultation fee on the basis of square foot of the space.
  • They could agree on a fixed amount which is on a lump-sum basis.





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