Ravi Kishan left stunned by Swami Ramdev’s stunt on the sets of Swarna Swar Bharat


Zee TV recently premiered a first-of-its-kind, devotional singing reality show - Swarna Swar Bharat that takes viewers back to their roots through a unique blend of insightful and relatable stories narrated through verse and soulful devotional music.

Swami Ramdev is known for his yoga moves but it seems he also has a thing for singing. The viewers are in for a treat this Saturday and Sunday as maverick Yoga guru – Swami Ramdev will be gracing the sets as the special guest for the upcoming episodes of Swarna Swar Bharat.

While he is known for dropping in a trick or two of acing those yoga asanas wherever he goes , he had a special move planned for his visit to the sets of Swarna Swar Bharat. To everyone’s surprise, the yoga guru was seen displaying his wrestling skills as he went head-to-head with a contestant and left host Ravi Kishan and judges stunned by lifting one of the strongest contestant – Om, and pinning him down on the stage.

After showing off his special skills, Swami Ramdev was seen enjoying the spectacular singing performances of the talented contestants and putting in a good word for Atharv’s performance. Complimenting Atharv, he said “I feel my country has a lot to look forward to after seeing contestants like Atharv. My eyes start shining. I am sure India will be a superpower by 2045.” 


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