Tannaz Irani seeks inspiration from Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh to play her character in Apna Time Bhi Aayega


Zee TV introduced a new fiction show - Apna Time Bhi Aayega, which follows the inspirational narrative of Rani, the young daughter of a head staff member of an affluent family of Jaipur. Refusing to be tied down by her humble roots, Rani (Megha Ray) wants to break free from the shackles of her background to carve her own destiny. Ever since its launch, this family drama has kept its viewers entertained through unpredictable yet entertaining twists and turns brought in by the characters. While each actor, be it Megha or Fahmaan has been working quite hard to bring out the best while portraying their characters, Tannaz Irani has taken her  preparation a notch higher and is going an extra mile to ensure her character is consistently loved by all.

Essaying the role of Maharani Rajeshwari since quite a while now, Tannaz believes in finding ways and modes to keep her character’s avatar intact and to not let her actual vibrant personality come in the way of her portraying her role. The actress has been maintaining her distance and restricts herself in engaging informally with the cast and crew on the set, in the attempt that it would help maintain the shades of her character. And to do so, Tannaz took inspiration from none other Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh himself.

Talking about making this choice, Tannaz said, “Playing this character has been difficult for me because it’s totally different from who I am.  I love talking and meeting new people, and I am always the life of the party, but that’s not what the role requires right now. So, to maintain the negativity in my character, I decided to try keeping a distance from my team. While I do have a fair share of fun with them , I feel that if I start mixing around and become too friendly with everyone on the set, it would break the whole image of my character being strict and stern and automatically I would lose the respect and aura that I have for the character. This is surely difficult, but it keeps the atmosphere charged and everyone is fulfilled with the work done. At the end of the day we are all here to do our job.”

Adding further, Tannaz said, “The inspiration actually came from Ranveer Singh, when he had locked himself in a room to get into his Padmavat’s character. I feel if they do it for movies, we should also be doing it for television too, because this really helps and it has worked well for me. People don’t take television acting very seriously but I feel if you really maintain it and take it seriously, as an actor one can truly benefit from that.”

Well, we surely couldn’t applaud the actress more for all her commendable efforts in showcasing Rajeshwari’s royal avatar who is all set to visit Rani’s village in Ballia to get Veer back.

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