Zee TV bids a glorious adieu to 2020


2020 has been a year of significant ups and downs for the Indian Television Industry. While the year began on a high note with Zee TV along with other Hindi GEC channels launching fresh and engaging content for its viewers, the year soon saw a low with the COVID pandemic on a rise. During the crucial phase of the lockdown where each and every person was spending time at home, struggling to stay afloat in the battle against the pandemic, the need for entertainment was more than ever. In this space where channels came to the rescue with various forms of content, old and new, Zee TV kept its loyalists entertained all through the year.  As we gear up to embrace another year full of opportunities with a fresh outlook, let’s have a look at the year gone by.

Beginning 2020 in a grand style 

Welcoming the Li’l Champs on stage once again

After seven successful seasons of ruling reality television with, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs once again opened its doors to welcome India’s finest young singing talent with season 8 of the show. While the popular singers Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan ventured on the journey as the judges and mentors of the show, Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali came aboard and stepped in for Kumar and Udit as the new judges post lockdown. With various celebrities from Sajid Khan to Govinda and even Poonam Dhillon gracing the stage with their presence, the show culminated with Li’l Champ Aryananda Babu being crowned as the winner of the season.

A tale between two warriors of love driven by the pride of their family

(Fiction show: Qurbaan Hua)

Set against the backdrop of Devprayag, Qurbaan Hua is an intense drama about two passionate and young individuals, Neel (Karan Jotwani and currently Rajveer Singh) and Chahat (Pratibha Ranta) who are completely different people hailing from starkly different backgrounds and cultures. Being on a mission of their own, they sacrifice the single-most important and intimate relationship of life by tying the knot with each other, without a trace of love that forms the foundation of any marriage. While Neel is burning with the fire of revenge for his sister’s death, Chahat is single-mindedly determined to clear her abbu’s name as she’s convinced, he’s had no role to play in the death of Neel’s sister. Via the show Zee TV  brought forth the question to its viewers – To what lengths will these warriors for love go for the love and pride of their family?

Reviving the nostalgia around the classics


Reviving the nostalgia around the classics

Zee TV brought back some of its most iconic shows and left no stone unturned to entertain its audience to the fullest during the COVID-19 Lockdown

A nostalgic ride with the family entertainers

(Hum Paanch and Qubool Hai)


A universal favorite across generations, Hum Paanch made a mega comeback on public demand on Zee TV after 25 years. The iconic show that brought together a stellar cast, narrated the story of Anand Mathur and his amusing middle class family comprising  his wife - Bina Mathur and his five daughters, who would constantly plot plans to turn his world upside down. Adding more chaos and confusion to his life is the photo frame of his late wife, who occasionally talks to him and nags him on certain decisions.

In addition to this Zee TV brought back episodes of its first inter-generational family saga set amidst a modern Muslim milieu, Qubool Hai . Following the journey of Zoya (played by Surbhi Jyoti), the show gave an interesting insight into the world of the Muslim community and the progressive changes that takes place within.

A mix of spine chilling tales and period drama with Zee Horror Show

and Akbar Birbal

With another surprise up its sleeve, Zee TV brought back a collection of some of  the spookiest short horror stories of ghosts and  spirits that scared the daylights out of everyone back in the day. Along with re-introducing The Zee Horror Show, it also narrated the classic tale of Akbar Birbal that not only made people laugh with its majestic storytelling but also imparted some valuable life lessons to its  viewers.

A reality flashback

(Dance India Dance 2 and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2005 and 2017)


The most popular seasons of Dance India Dance and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs saw a comeback on television with the superhit judges' trio of Terence Lewis, Remo D'Souza and Geeta Kapoor along with Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali respectively.

While the current youth icons - Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak revived the energy amongst viewers with their splendid dance performances, the Li’l champs brought melody to their ears through some soulful performances.


Bhakti Ki Shakti

(Vishnu Puran and Paramavatar Shri Krishna)


Offering its viewers an escape into the spiritual world with stories about the greatest protectors of the world, Zee TV narrated the story of Lord Vishnu’s 10 incarnations through BR Chopra's Vishnu Puran. Based on an ancient collection of stories and scriptures, the show helped viewers transcend into a heavenly world and learn some interesting life lessons from Lord Vishnu aptly played by veteran actor Nitish Bharadwaj.

It also narrated various fascinating chronicles of the natkhat Krishna and depicted the mischievous side to this Makhan Chor with Paramavatar Shri Krishna. Enchanting viewers with his various and diverse facets the show also showcased the victorious tale of Krishna’s triumph over the evil Kans mama’s tyranny, while giving us a glimpse of the warrior within him.


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