River Island mannequins appear to be having an existential crisis

That's not because of their appearance - they’re just as pale and thin as ever - but because of their surprising pose.

The dummies appear tucked up in the foetal position gazing down at the floor emotionlessly, rather than standing to accentuate their features.

And while we’re fully behind more realistic representations of women, the poses have left some social media with a lot of questions. Mainly: 'You ok hun?'

Most recently spotted in the River Island store on Grafton Street in Dublin, Sarah Maria Griffin tweeted: “The River Island mannequins look like they're hungover in the shower thinking about their life choices. You OK hun?”

The reason behind their stance is still unclear, but it’s one that’s familiar to us all - whether it’s post break-up, mid-hangover or, more seriously, at times of low confidence or stress.

Another user posted, “Sad to see the River Island mannequins in a post Picnic heap like the rest of us. Questioning everything so they are” while Hannah Mamalis described them as “having an existential crisis.”

The foetal position is known to provide peace and comfort during periods of worry, so could this be a reference to the mounting rise in people suffering with anxiety? Probably not, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

The Independent has reached out to River Island for an explanation.

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