Unity of Culture, Diversity In Fabrics – Kashmir To Kerala A campaign


Studio Gaaba, a content communication and creative production house that works with brand stories and brand campaigns shot Indian ethnic brand Label Varsha’s new collection displaying an enthralling concept centering around ‘Kashmir to Kerala’.

Studio Gaaba, along with their team of exceptional artists and professionals idealized and visualized the concept for the shoot. It was conceptualized to depict that a single thread binds together the entire nation.

Various women belonging to different cultures habituating different regions of the country have worn the pieces. Studio Gaaba has shot a beautiful video showcasing the craftsmanship of the artisans, keeping in mind the promotion of the concept – Unity in Diversity. The video was shot in prominent locations spanning from North India to South India. It includes prominent cities like Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Kolkata and Kerala.

The idea was to highlight that even though we have geographical boundaries dividing us, we are all bound together by our values, virtues and the soil that we hail from.

Fashion plays a prominent role to bind together art, culture, religion, craftsmanship and region. A simple lehenga is worn by women across the country irrespective of their caste, creed, race, culture or religion.

“Studio Gaaba collaborated with Label Varsha to promote and celebrate the concept of diversity and unity of all cultures”, says Ankit Jain, Founder of Studio Gaaba. The collection includes a variety of pieces which can be donned by one and all.

About Label Varsha:

Label Varsha, founded in 1984 specialises in women’s traditional wear. The collection is timeless and highlights the uniqueness of cultures across the country. Each garment is a unique ethnic treasure. In a time that has divaricated us from everything that we called normal and kept most of us apart from families, the collection gives each culture a warm feeling of being at home. Each piece in the collection is unique to every culture in secular India and has an indigenous feel to it. 


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