Back on fans demand! Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya returns with another love filled season on Zing


After a successful run for 6 years and 10 Seasons, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya is all set to come back with an all new season 11, showcasing new age love. The show in the past has always managed to portray love stories that are relatable and has found great acceptance amongst the audiences. Without a doubt, the show has been a favorite amongst Gen Z and they have always come back for more.  

Over the last 10 seasons, the show has established an enduring relationship with the viewer as these emotionally charged love stories are charted out from their lives and love experiences. Some of the season themes explored in the past are first love, meaning of love, experience of falling in love etc. The theme of the new season is confusions in love. Love and confusion goes hand in hand especially for this young audience and with a strong consumer insight that suggests that Gen Z are always in a need to understand these confusions and thus look for ways that helps them navigate through these situations. This new season is about the myriad of situations which this young generation goes through in order to understand this simple word ‘love’ but with a complicated twist. Capturing this confused emotion, this season’s promo delivers on what love means in the lives of these youngsters today. Aptly called “Dear Love”, the promo captures the sentiment of the youth where they are writing an open letter to love and expressing their inner dilemma as well.  


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