Mrs India Queen of Substance to kickstart in August


Mrs India Queen of Substance is in its 13th Season.  The event is held for married women to exemplify beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion.  Around forty stunning women from different parts of the country & world will participate. It will be interesting to see these women giving themselves a much needed change after continuously performing daily responsibilities. The pandemic created lots of blockage and chaos in every woman's life and they were limited to sit back, work and handle daily duties. Passion and talent took a backseat for most of them.  Mrs India queen is aiming to give them  some me time and living exclusively for themselves, targeting their personal dreams and growth. The contestant will get a kickstart not only for an ambitious career but also to their talent, passion and creativity.
A lady plays many roles in her life; she is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law and bosslady and wear many other hats known to her. But in all this many times she misses being what she is? Our contest give women this much needed break which allows them to explore the Me in her, Said Mr Vinay Founder of Mrs India Queen of Substance.

I am sure the event will give all the lovely ladies a chance to take a break for themselves, showcase and endorse their talent and also enjoy lil bit after months of monotonous schedule, Said Mrs Ritika Vinay.  

 It will surely instill the freshness and competitive spirit amongst them.

The team strongly has faith in celebrating womanhood and takes an honor to acknowledge women and their achievements and applaud their valiant efforts against all odds. The contestants will go through a transformational journey with industry's best grooming experts, make-up artists, fitness experts and celebrity judges. The show will have Mahima Chaoudhary and Aman Verma along with other who's who of industry to support and cheer up the contestants.

It will follow the same pattern of the previous season of  introduction, traditional and Evening wear Round.


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