‘The Summer Handbook’ conjures a spirit of romantic lure, with embroidered tulle, crystal-beaded silhouettes, flowing silks, idyllic tints: all in all, a perfect fit for our modern heroines to revel in a dreamy summer shades of the year.

This latest showcase of gorgeous trends of lithe styles with a mix of prints and embellishments will absolutely wow you! The collection has a touch of the 80s with the ladies dressed up virginal whites, popping colors and floral shout outs.

The color palette revolves around fossil greys, witty wines, burnt corals, mauve, jungle greens, pristine whites with some exploding hues like magenta pinks, bumblebee yellows etc. This time the curated ethnic outfits will definitely catch your fancy, flourishing in sheer outfits, vibrant bloom prints, legion net ruffles, peplum styles, ready-pleated designs and asymmetrical hemlines, the collection will exhibit pieces that boasts of a rare combination of playfulness and sophistication!

The lovingly crafted masterpieces that playfully take the summer routes in radiant hues and intricate gold details are ideals for your garden brunch parties, evening soirees, for your BFF’s eclectic mehendi celebration or even for a fun Sangeet ceremony.

The collection overall has a very light and summery feel. People who are a fan of easy-to-wear outfits and look utterly glamorous at the same time will absolutely love this collection! They are extremely stylish while being easy on the eyes at the same time.


Born in Mumbai, India in 2007, KALKI evokes the very spirit of the city it was founded in. An upstart, innovative, and dynamic brand – KALKI – offers the best of contemporary, ethnic Indian fashion and fusion-wear styles. Staying true to the brand’s unique promise of premium and wearable fashion, KALKI unveils fresh collections and all-new designs throughout the fashion calendar. KALKI’s design and aesthetic sensibility seeks inspiration from all walks of life- be it the beauty of nature and heritage in art, architecture and culture, intricate creations and the modern world to the home-bound handloom traditions of India.

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