Designer Purvi Doshi to exhibit her latest collection at India Story

Indian Contemporary Designer Purvi Doshi, the connoisseur of textiles and handlooms will be showcasing her festive collection ‘Co existence’ and her A/W collection ‘Sugar Cotton Wool’ in Kolkata from 13th to 16th December 2018 at India Story to be held at Swabhumi. This exhibition has evolved as an intrinsically space - driven project from the time of its inception. It has been nurtured to growth alongside the venue, Swabhumi. The organic nature of this space has enabled TIS to emerge into a platform that has encouraged distinct verticals like fashion, lifestyle, music, performances, food and arts to flourish spatially. 


Purvi Doshi’s latest collection was created to show the love and care for other living beings on this earth. Man has been the most superior animal and he has proven that by taking away the jungles and the water from the other animals.  As they say “with great strength comes great responsibility” and co existence showcases the many species of animals and birds like playful panda beautiful flamingos, towering giraffes, gigantic elephants and graceful birds in this gentle earthly collection.


Sugar Cotton Wool is a collection of seasonally versatile separates that use charming old world cotton (Kala cotton) endemic to the Kutch region spun into a delightful fabric. As a tribute to this art and dedication to the weavers of Gujarat, Sugar Cotton Wool by Label Purvi Doshi seeks to place, this versatile, sustainable, Kala cotton on the world stage. The designs breathe air-whipped asymmetrical silhouettes, crisp pleats and candy-striped garments dusted with artisanal tassels, carry soft and fluffy tales.


Ahmedabad based Designer Purvi Doshi has coupled the art of India with the handwoven fabric of freedom. Khadi, an indigenous fabric of India, forms the structure of each garment in this collection. The ensembles are dyed with natural colours that respect the environment we live in.


Purvi  Doshi” – the label celebrates India’s crafts and weaves by combining traditional techniques with contemporary designs moulded into beautiful nature friendly and eco fabulous clothing. It chronicles and restores heirloom traditions from the heart of our villages and fashions them into contemporary tales. The label collaborates closely with artisans and helping then create better livelihood.   

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