Adarsh Gill Launches Her New Collection

Mumbai, October, 2018 ------ Adarsh Gill, the Indian fashion industry veteran whose aesthetic skillfully marries the embroidery techniques of the East with the silhouettes of the West, is pleased to announce the launch of her new collection

The new collection, which comprises of over 50 pieces, was designed with the 1950’s-era as inspiration, worn by the iconic Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn & Fiona Campbell. Adarsh Gill has achieved a perfect balance of old Hollywood elegance along with comfort & practicality that comes in her androgynous designs in the new collection. 

The 1950’s was a time of great change in the fashion industry, where new fabrics and techniques were invented, as well as shapes and silhouettes that had not been seen before. The ‘vertical line’ (as invented by Dior), a long and narrow silhouette, is seen in this new collection, via sleek pantsuits and sheath dresses. Another trend was the tiny waistline, is also prevalent in this new collection, with delightful, nipped-in middles. The pieces also embrace the feminine form with the use of sequins, an abundance of soft ruffles, sheer panel work, and lace-up backs that offer an elegant yet sensuous suggestion of skin. 

The fabrics used in this collection are a rich mix of georgettes, satins, chiffons and brocades, many used in the same garment, providing a clever interplay between delicate and heavier materials. 

The collection is designed for the modern woman who likes her wardrobe to depict a sophisticated yet fun vibe. The clothes are modern yet very versatile and can be worn for everything from day events and luncheons, to cocktail evenings and parties. 

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