THE PROJECT CAF�� curates a nationwide Design Forum Tour

  • Announces an `Ideate, Collaborate’ nationwide design-led culture forum across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Goa to invite talent and collaborators
  • Announces its second flagship design-culture location at Assagao, Goa

The Project Café, an one-of-its-kind experiential design collective that has collaborated till date with over 170 artists and designers from across the globe, creates a new footprint with its multi-disciplinary artistic endeavours, having previously resulted in an array of tangible outcomes across the realms of art, design, music, fashion, culinary arts and literature.

While the design community continues to enthusiastically participate in The Project Café’s tastefully curated events at The Project Café, Ahmedabad -- a space that provides a unique experience of dining in the premises of an art gallery, where everything from furniture to the crockery is on sale – the team led by creative design doyen, Drasty Shah, proudly announces the culmination of yet another dream destination – and The Project Café’s second flagship address --  at India’s most preferred holiday and leisure location : GOA

Excited to introduce The Project Café Goa to India and the international design community,         

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Drasty Shah says, “As moving forward the brand in Goa, our concept strives to provide the perfect balance between relaxation and inspiration, conjured up by the collaboration of our expert curators and design directors, namely the Raja Arjun and Adish Patni. Together with various artists from both home and across the globe, we would like to build a series of symbiotic enterprise models. Our inspiration is always the thought of living a simple life and creating a community where we are eager to build a minimal system to a rooted modern audience.”

Says Raja Arjun, Founder – Office of Cognitive Design, “We have spent a considerable amount of time understanding the customer’s wants and desires, our competition and it’s benchmarks, incorporating our learning advantageously into the design, making ‘The Project Café Goa a place over space. This place is designed to give customers an escape from daily schedules and allows them to relax, linger and let the mind dream together, all while forging stronger brand-customer relationships. “

“The design approach has been sensitive to respect the surrounding and context of the project. The design adheres the existing character, enhances it and transforms it into a public space. The historical elements of the building, such as the façade, the vaults, and the windows are carefully restored. The added design components are distinguished by contemporary materials and restrained detailing, making them recognizable but harmonizing with the existing space,” says Atish Patni of Atelier.

“Goa is perfect,” says Co-Founder, Ekta Chopra, The Project Café, “Against the backdrop of a 130 year-old Portuguese villa spread across 13000 sq ft, The Project Café Goa introduces a residential space, a melting pot of thought processes, performing arts, cuisine, hospitality perfect for inspired artists and curious minds alike.It’s the perfect backdrop to conserve, coalesce, collaborate, conceive and create a dreamy colonial retreat where art meets appreciation. Lush green gardens and an emerald outdoor pool create a serene sanctuary, one in which relaxation and contemplation are the call of the hour. We would like to think this is a space where you have the opportunity to meet, perform, watch, learn and create. We totally love TPC Goa and are looking forward to creating something unique and inspirational at Assagao,” Ekta shares.  

The Project Café nation wide tour which begins on July 29th in Bangalore, followed by August 4th in Goa, August 12th in Delhi and August 18th in Mumbai, is a unique exploration of inviting the country’s design, art and lifestyle community to come together and foster bonds of collaboration. With niche locations added to the brand experience in association with collaborative partners, The Project 

Café hopes to create unique and intimate spatial experiences for ideating, curating and collaborating across mediums of art, design, music, fashion, film, culinary art, literature. “It will give us opportunities to create platforms, audiences and introduce forums for unseen, unsung and celebrated talent. A natural extension of our core values of being a space that fosters and nurtures the aspirations of a community we are passionate about,” concludes Drasty Shah.

Kedhar Gawde, of Celebrity Locker, Fashion Curator says, “The Project Cafe is truly a unique concept, extending the sensibilities of design and fashion, a true galleria of creative and design exhibit. I am truly excited with my collaboration with The Project Cafe as a brand.”

The Design Forum Event Tour is supported by Nicobar Design Studio, "Our main focus is on design, it is on the sensory experience and story we create for our customers. Our physical spaces are cool and textured, encouraging you to linger. As we share similar mind spaces as The Project Cafe, we're sharing this design forum event with them at different locations." 

The event is partnered along with Raw Pressery, Bira 91 and Casablanca as Beverage Partners and Fangirl as the Entertainment Partner.

ABOUT THE PROJECT CAFE: Ideate. Curate. Collaborate. The Project Cafe is an experiential design consortium based in Ahmedabad, and now venturing into Assagao-Goa, that has till date collaborated with over 200 artists and designers across the globe on multi-disciplinary artistic endeavours. Voted by Vogue as `One of the Top 10 places in India,’ The Project Cafe tastefully designs dining experiences in the premises of an art gallery, where everything including furniture and crockery is on sale. 

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